Who Will Be Covered in Your Life Insurance Policy?

Are you looking to buy life insurance in or near Oklahoma City, OK, and aren’t sure to whom your policy will pay? Talk to us at Freeland Insurance to learn more about this situation and how we can help you choose a policy that works for you.

Deaths Covered By Life Insurance

Almost all deaths are covered by life insurance, depending on your policy. For example, homicide is covered unless the person getting the money from the policy is the murderer. And suicide has a two-year clause, meaning that people who buy an insurance policy cannot collect if they commit suicide before this time passes. Such clauses are essential for protecting the rights of the insurance company. 

Beyond these rare exceptions, your policy should cover natural causes – heart attacks, stroke, cancer, sudden death, etc. – and accidental deaths – drowning, car accidents, fire deaths, etc. And when you create a policy, you list many people for whom your policy will payout. Therefore, it is essential to understand who makes an excellent executor get the best results for your needs in this situation. 

Policies Pay to Whom You Want

The benefactor of your policy will vary, based on whom you want to get money. It will typically cover only the death of the person holding the procedure and no one else in your family, though. But when you die, the person you name as the executor will distribute the money to the proper people. These may include your spouse, children, friends, family members, or anyone else you want to name.

Get a Great Policy Today

So if you want a level of protection that will keep your family safe, please contact us at Freeland Insurance today. We provide Oklahoma City, OK, residents with fine life insurance policies to protect their families.

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