Insurance for Service-Based Businesses

Service-based businesses are one of the largest sectors of our modern economy. Cleaning services, landscapers, medical professionals, and other workers who don’t produce or sell real goods in the Oklahoma City, OK area have unique insurance needs. The experts at Freeland Insurance suggest that all service-based businesses carry these policies to protect their business interests.

  • General liability coverage helps you pay for costs associated with injury, accident, or loss caused by your business. This includes legal fees for the defense of your business and employees, medical payments for the injured party, and court-ordered fees and restitution. If you rent your commercial property, general liability protection will pay your landlord if you damage or destroy the property.
  • Professional liability insurance protects direct service providers from the legal costs of defending themselves against libel, slander, and even copyright infringement. Claims of false advertisement are also covered under these policies. Medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and psychologists depend on malpractice coverage, a type of liability insurance, to ensure they stay financially solvent in the face of legal claims.
  • Commercial auto insurance is more than a legal requirement. The right auto insurance policy ensures that your service or delivery vehicle is always available. Your employees are covered by your policy. If they are involved in an accident while completing their job duties, your commercial auto insurance policy guarantees that you’ll have the funds to repair or replace your service vehicle quickly.
  • Umbrella insurance policies are secondary coverages. All insurance policies have limits. In the case of a catastrophic loss, your primary coverage may not be enough to replace your lost property or allow you to rebuild. An umbrella policy provides additional funds on top of what your primary policy pays. These low-premium plans are a great way to ensure you’re ready for whatever is thrown your way.
  • Do you have the right protection for your service-based business? Contact Freeland Insurance in the Oklahoma City, OK area for a personalized review of your business needs.