What is Umbrella Insurance Exactly, and Why do You Need it?

Umbrella Insurance is, in simple terms, an add-on insurance policy that covers a broader range than the original policy. In many cases the quote for an umbrella policy in addition to a base policy is low, but the higher range of coverage buys much more than a piece of mind. 

People purchase umbrella insurance to protect themselves from litigation after an auto accident and to increase their coverage in case their medical bills are higher than expected. Umbrella policies can also cover unique and individual circumstances that are not covered by basic policies, as defined between the policy holder and insurance company. 

People with "much to lose" often add an umbrella policy to their insurance so if they do lose in a lawsuit their assets are protected to a degree. Extra insurance on vulnerable items or for people who may be targeted due to their assets is what umbrella insurance was created for. Even if you do not have obvious assets, and umbrella policy will come in handy when/if time needs to be taken off for work after an accident, or additional hospital bills beyond what the basic policy covers.

It is important to know exactly the limitations of your insurance policy and exactly the circumstances it covers. Knowing any limitations of your basic policy will keep you from being surprised in an emergency by preparing with an umbrella policy that covers any gaps that you find unacceptable. 

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