When Should You Buy Umbrella Insurance Coverage?

Many people are interested in umbrella insurance and whether they need it or not. If you have many assets or rent properties, it can be a good move to have this extra coverage in case you are sued. While umbrella insurance is effective for certain situations, anyone can benefit from this type of insurance in general. As a kind of personal liability, umbrella insurance covers claims where your standard homeowners and auto insurance stop. This can be very useful to keep you protected during unforeseen events.

The agents at Freeland Insurance located in Oklahoma City, OK can help you understand the ins and outs of umbrella insurance. We will make sure you get adequate coverage to keep you and your assets protected. 

Knowing When You Need Umbrella Insurance

There are several circumstances when having umbrella insurance will save you financially in big ways. If you are a public figure, host many social gatherings, have teenagers, or need extra coverage beyond your homeowner’s insurance, you may want to consider umbrella insurance. Your homeowners may provide adequate coverage in most cases, but an umbrella insurance policy can save you financially when it is needed most. Your family members may cause damages to others and umbrella insurance can help. You can be sued for situations that arise from your property involving your teenagers and an insurance policy umbrella can protect you. Some common instances where umbrella insurance is useful to include:

  • Libel, slander, and false imprisonment
  • Coverage beyond homeowners and auto insurance
  • Legal expenses

Professional Insurance Agents in Oklahoma

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