What Is An Oklahoma Business Owner Package (BOP)?

Freeland Insurance works hard to make sure our local business owners are protected when they need us most. This is why we business owner packages (BOP) in Oklahoma City, OK. Not sure what a BOP is? Read on to discover why a business owner package is a comprehensive way to insure your commercial assets.

Everything You Need In One Spot

Running a business takes a lot of effort. Insuring your business should not. There are many types of commercial insurance to cover your property, and selecting the right policies for it all can seem like a nightmare. This is where our business owner’s package shines. A BOP policy can provide an assortment of coverages, such as:

  • Commercial General Liability – Protects your property and customers in the event of injury or damage/loss due to unforeseen accidents. CGL can sometimes also cover liability from accidents outside the property depending on the nature of your business. (For example, damages caused by your employees while working on someone else’s property.)
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Protection for damage to or loss of your buildings or equipment due to fire, theft, vandalism, or weather. 
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – For business vehicles and the employees that drive them. Remember: All vehicles in Oklahoma must be insured for liability, whether they’re for personal use or business! 
  • Worker’s Compensation – Businesses that employ more than five workers are required to have worker’s comp insurance in Oklahoma.

One Package, One Bill

Consolidating all of your commercial insurance needs into a BOP assures that you have the right coverage to protect your business. It also reduces the time and hassle spent paying bills and settling claims. Whether you have a large established business or just starting out in Oklahoma City, OK, contact Freeland Insurance to discover what a business owner’s insurance package can do for you.