Steps to Prepping Your Commercial Property for Winter Weather

With tornadoes in the spring and snow in the winter, residents of Oklahoma City, OK are not strangers to inclement weather. When the forecast calls for dangerous conditions, use these tips to protect your physical assets and reduce the likelihood of workers and visitors sustaining injuries on your property.

  • Ensure your liability and commercial property insurance policies are up-to-date. Are you sure you have enough coverage to protect you from a catastrophic loss? Talk to the experts at Freeland Insurance to make sure your payouts will be enough to help you rebuild after a big storm.
  • Move outdoor displays, tools, and decorative items inside. This will prevent them from flying away and causing further damage to surrounding property.
  • Place thick rubber safety mats at all entrances and exits to reduce accidental slip and falls due to excess moisture. Consider placing a more absorbent mat underneath to contain precipitation to one area.
  • Be sure to insulate pipes before the temperature drops to prevent freezing. This includes lines for septic systems, water supply, or anything that runs close to the surface of the ground. Even electrical equipment can be damaged by extreme cold.
  • Check your property’s safety lighting system. Ensure there are no burnt-out bulbs or malfunctioning equipment that could compromise the nighttime vision of visitors.
  • Visually inspect gas flues and outlets. Are they sufficiently covered to keep them from getting clogged with snow or ice?
  • While the weather is still good, survey your grounds. Repair potholes in the parking lot, broken pavers, and other issues that might become a hazard in the presence of ice and snow.

These steps ensure that your clients and workers stay safe on your commercial property in winter conditions. Want to know more about how the right commercial insurance package can protect your business interests, regardless of the weather? Contact Freeland Insurance to learn more about insurance policies for your Oklahoma City, OK business.