Should You Be Buying Bonds?

The stock market is a huge gamble. Cryptocurrency still feels too new. But you know investing your money is the smart thing to do. So, should you be buying bonds?

Why Choose Bonds?

Compared to other investments like stocks, bonds are a safe investment. This is because most bonds offer fixed coupon rates. You can also enjoy a short-term or long-term option, choosing to purchase bonds that mature in anywhere from one year to 30 years.

Buying bonds is also pretty easy. In fact, you can buy bonds directly from the federal government at the U.S. Treasury website.

Bond interest is paid twice a year, usually, except in the case of zero-interest bonds that mature after a pre-determined amount of time has passed. You can also re-sell bonds at any time to make a profit or to "cash out." 


There is no truly safe investment, nothing you can buy that will yield a definite return. But when it comes to investing, bonds are a less risky investment than some of the other options out there. To make your finances and your future even safer, turn to an insurance company like Freeland Insurance, serving Oklahoma City, OK. Insurance is one investment you can count on.

Insurance is the failsafe in life, the safety net. No matter how much money you have or how many investments you have, good insurance will help you when the unexpected happens. Markets crash. Recessions happen. The economy is unstable. But your investments and your finances don’t have to be. Companies like Freeland Insurance that serve the Oklahoma City, OK area provide you with the protection your need so you can make more investments in your own future.