Kansas State Insurance Shocker

Although Kansas is considered a no-fault state for purposes of auto insurance, that doesn’t mean that fault isn’t relevant after an auto accident. No-fault only means that regardless of fault, injuries you might cause to somebody else in a motor vehicle accident are first considered under personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. If, and when, the threshold for that PIP coverage is exceeded, those your injuries are considered under the general liability provisions of your policy.

Kansas has one of the best mandatory minimum liability insurance laws in the country. However, it is still minimum insurance coverage. The required minimum does not fully cover any medical bills you might receive in an accident that was your fault. It doesn’t cover repair or replacement of your vehicle either. By riding on minimum insurance, you’re placing yourself and your personal assets at risk, including your vehicle itself.

We’re independent insurance agents and we live and work in the Wichita area. We’re established and trusted business people who give you honest and unbiased information and answers.

Because we’re independent insurance agents, we’re tied in with multiple insurance companies that compete against each other in efforts to give you the best auto insurance possible at the lowest rates. Agents working for national insurance agencies (or, captive agencies) are not able to find rates from other companies, whereas we work with several different carriers.

Cheaper insurance means more elbow room for you, so you can pack in better coverage like medical payments, collision, and comprehensive coverage without premium shock. You might even be able to bump up your policy limits too.

You don’t want to be underinsured, even if an accident isn’t your fault. Get an online quote from us, call us, or just stop in if your’e close. We’ll be happy to talk with you at FM Insurance, whether you’re buying a new vehicle or just shopping for better coverage and prices.