Autumn Car Care Tips

There are various autumn car care tips that you should follow. Throughout autumn as well as winter, Oklahoma City is going to experience snow, ice, sleet, and colder temperatures. There are ways for you to prepare so that you don’t experience any car problems.

Find a Mechanic

Find a mechanic that you can trust. This can be a local one or the one that is at your dealership. This will ensure that you can go to have various things checked, including:

  • HVAC system
  • Defroster
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Battery

Set a Schedule

Set a schedule for when certain things need to happen. This includes having your air filter replaced, your oil replaced, and more. Depending upon the age of your car, you may need to have your spark plugs replaced as well.

Make Some Replacements

There are some replacements that you may want to consider so that you are prepared for autumn as well as winter. If it has been a while since you replaced your battery, you may want to add it to the list. Your wiper blade should also be replaced in the autumn so that it is capable of clearing the windshield as needed.

Use a Tire Pressure Gauge

It is a good idea to have a tire pressure gauge in your car at all times. Check the tire pressure to ensure that it matches what is recommended for your car – and this is found in the owner’s manual. You may need to add or subtract air from the tires in order to meet the ideal pressure as the temperature fluctuates.

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