Cleaning up after a Flood

One day, the flood happens. The storm you hoped never hit occurs. The winds remain high for hours. Rain falls in torrents. The storm rages so fiercely the rain slants sideways as it pours down. You moved everything of value to your upper floors before evacuating before it got worse. As you watch the newscast, you wonder what your home looks like and how you will ever clean it up. You have flood insurance, but you know the policy is not going to clean the house for you before you return.

Freeland Insurance of Oklahoma City, OK wants you to understand your flood insurance policy. You can get everything started before you return home.

Your first step is to contact the insurance company. Start your insurance claim over the phone. We can visit the property with you to survey the damage while you still remain in your hotel. In fact, you may have a policy that pays for your hotel and living expenses.

Your flood insurance will pay for the home’s contents, its structural damage or both, depending on which policy you chose. Renters typically choose the contents only option.

Insurance typically covers the cleanup work. You will need a professional team to conduct this cleanup. They will bring high-speed fans into the home to dry it. They will also treat all surfaces and the HVAC for mold and mildew damage.

These cleaners will also examine the wallboard to determine the level of damage to it. You may need to have the wallboard removed and replaced. While the wall remains open, the cleaning crew will examine the 2” by 4’ framing to ensure it has not sustained water damage and that it does not have mold or mildew damage. If it does, they will also sanitize and clean it for mold and mildew.

These cleaning processes can take place while you stay in a hotel. You will return to a pristine, restored home that protects your health. Contact Freeland Insurance of Oklahoma City, OK for help getting the flood insurance coverage you need or to learn how to make the best use of your existing policy.