How to Help Local Homeless Shelters

Even as many of us enjoy the holiday season, homelessness remains a serious problem in Oklahoma City. People often lose their homes after becoming unemployed or falling ill. Everyone can help these individuals by taking steps to support local homeless shelters:

1. Try volunteering at a nearby shelter. These organizations frequently rely on volunteers to prepare meals, clean rooms and advise residents about housing or employment. Other possible tasks include welcoming visitors to the organization or tutoring children who lack homes.

2. If you have more money than spare time, think about sending a cash contribution. Homeless shelters can’t meet all of their needs with volunteers and donated supplies. In addition to funding repairs to their buildings, they need money to pay heating and cooling bills.

3. Another option is to donate extra goods to a local shelter. For example, you could give food, clothing, books or toys. The needs of different shelters vary, so it makes sense to call ahead before dropping off such items.

4. If you own a business, there may be a number of additional ways you can help the homeless. You could place a cash donation container in the checkout area of your restaurant or shop. The IRS permits substantial tax deductions for companies that donate excess food.

5. Spread the word and remind other people about the importance of helping the homeless. For instance, you could share this blog post with friends, link to a homeless shelter on your website or write a letter about homelessness to a magazine.

Finally, remember to support local businesses. They often directly or indirectly assist nonprofit organizations in Oklahoma City. Consider purchasing insurance from an agent in your community. The helpful staff at FM Insurance has served local residents since 2006.