The Benefits of Private Health Insurance

Choosing whether to rely wholly on the public health insurance system or take out a personal health insurance policy is not a straightforward process. However, the premiums that come with private health insurance will bring you these valuable benefits:

Access to a Private Room

In a public hospital, you will most likely be placed in a room with four to eight other patients with varying conditions. With private insurance from Freeland Insurance, you can request a private room, which, if available, will allow you to ail in private. A private ward can also let your partner stay with you in case you’re expecting a child.

Excellent Dental Care

Dental procedures are generally not covered by Medicare; not even basic treatments like clean and scale. You will, therefore, have to choose between an expensive private dentist’s office or state-run dentists’ offices with long waiting lists. On the other hand, a private health cover will cater to part or all of the cost of dental treatments, from check-ups to major procedures like root canals.

Shorter Waiting Times

If you require a surgery that is essential but not life-threatening, for instance, a hip replacement, you will not have to wait long to have it done. Most public facilities in Oklahoma City, OK have long waitlists as the specialists are often overwhelmed. With private insurance, you can obtain services in a less-busy private facility of your choosing.

You Can Choose Your Doctor

In the public system, the doctor or surgeon that attends to you is the one on call. However, if you have seen the same specialist for a while and would like to see them, you can see them in a private healthcare facility.

Freeland Insurance offers private healthcare insurance for clients in Oklahoma City, OK. Visit their website today for more information.