Four Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance from Freeland Insurance can save the day during rainy times. While you may have a boat, home, or car liability insurance, these policies will likely fall short when faced with significant claims. Investing in umbrella insurance is a top financial shield when your primary policies get exhausted.

Many Oklahoma City, OK, residents mistakenly believe that umbrella insurance is only tailored for affluent individuals. This notion can’t be further from the truth. Umbrella insurance is suitable for anyone with assets or a livelihood to protect.

Benefits of umbrella insurance

Purchasing umbrella insurance from Freeland Insurance is of ultimate necessity because it yields numerous benefits, including:

  • It boosts your auto and homeowners’ insurance policies: Misfortunes can happen anytime. Calamities may strike abruptly when you are financially deprived. Robust umbrella insurance can salvage you when your primary policies are insufficient or depleted. Umbrella insurance can save you when you least expect it. Have you ever imagined what would happen if a visitor gets injured while in your house and your home insurance isn’t sufficient? Umbrella insurance can save the day in such cases.
  • It’s affordable: Most people think umbrella insurance is expensive because of its high coverage. The truth is that umbrella insurance is inexpensive because it takes over after the underlying coverage has been exhausted.
  • It protects you against lawsuits: You can be sued if you cause an accident. Lawsuits can be expensive, especially when not ruled in your favor. Umbrella insurance pays for expensive legal costs, including attorney fees and settlement costs.  
  • It cushions you from liabilities not covered by other policies: Unique liabilities like slander and libel aren’t covered by typical liability policies. Umbrella insurance covers these special liability claims, lessening your financial burden.

Are you searching for affordable umbrella insurance in Oklahoma City, OK? Please call or visit Freeland Insurance today and get more information about umbrella insurance.