Why You Should Consider a Flood Insurance Policy

Flood insurance may not be something that you think about purchasing if you do not live in an area that is prone to flooding but it may be something that you should consider purchasing anyway. One of the biggest reasons to purchase it is that you are likely not covered by your current homeowners insurance policy. It is something that many homeowners do not realize but having homeowners insurance is not enough to protect your home. 

There are also recognized flood areas all over the United States and many homeowners believe they do not need flood insurance if they do not live in one of these areas. However, that is not necessarily true. Floods can occur at unexpected times and in unexpected places. In fact, it happens all the time: about 20 percent of floods occur in unrecognized flood areas.

One of the biggest misconceptions about flooding is that you have to live near a river or stream to be susceptible. However, flooding can occur from a variety of reasons including overdevelopment, a snow pack, and even a storm drain backing up. In fact, new construction homes are more likely to have flooding in basements because the new roads in the developed area make the water absorption into the soil less likely to happen. Even if there is not a lot of rain in an area, one unexpected downpour could cause a flooding issue.

When it comes to you home and your property, it is best to take the best precautions which includes purchasing flood insurance. Even if you think it cannot happen to you, it happens to people like you all the time. Contact us at FM Insurance to explore all of your flood insurance options and find the right plan for you.