Oklahoma City Home Insurance

If you own a home and have a mortgage, you’re going to be required to have home insurance. If you’re buying a home in the immediate future, you’ll need to bring proof of home insurance with you when you close on your house. Most lenders will require coverage to permit the premises that they have an interest in to go uninsured. 

One of the basics of home insurance is to protect you from hazards like a fire, an explosion, or a storm. Take tornadoes for example. Oklahoma City sits in the middle of "tornado alley." It’s not unusual for us to see more than one tornado in a single day. Sure, your home insurance is likely to cover you in the event of damage or destruction from a tornado, but a standard home insurance policy will probably leave you paying out-of-pocket for repairs or replacement of a home and its contents. That could amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Insuring your home for its replacement value rather than its actual cash value should give you enough coverage to rebuild your home. We can arrange that for you along with special coverage for any particularly valuable personal property.

We’re independent insurance agents who live and work in and around Oklahoma City. Our families and businesses are established in our communities. We want to live here, but we recognize the risks too. Be prepared for them with sufficient home insurance. You can get an online quote, call us or just stop in. We’ll be happy to look at your existing policy. We’ll give you honest and objective answers and information. You might be surprised if you learn you’re not even covered for tornadoes. We’ll give you a wide range of options to choose from.