Four Questions to Ask Your Agent About Financial Services Insurance

If you’re in the financial services sector, you need to have the right insurance for proper protection, and Freeland Insurance is here to help. In the Oklahoma City, OK, area, there are a lot of companies and individuals providing services like investing and risk consulting. For many of those careers, you’ll need financial services insurance. Here are four of the biggest questions to ask your agent before you make your policy choice.

1. Does My Company or Business Require This Insurance?

Most businesses in the financial services industry will need this kind of protection. If you work for one, you may not have to get your own policy. It could be provided by your employer, instead. It’s best to clarify that with your company because you don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to risk.

2. How Does This Protect Me?

This kind of policy protects you from any errors or omissions you make while working with clients in the financial sector. That way, you’re not personally liable if you make a mistake that affects the financial health of one of your clients. Your insurance policy will protect you.

3. Are There Different Coverage Options?

There are different coverage types and limits, and what they protect against will be at least partially based on your specific job title and the kind of company you work with. Because it’s very important to get the correct type of coverage, working with an agent is the best choice.

4. How Often Should I Update My Policy?

Most agents want you to update your insurance policies once per year or anytime you have a significant life event. If you’re in the Oklahoma City, OK area and need help with a financial services insurance policy, contact us at Freeland Insurance today.