3 Surprising Safety Hazards You Might Have In Your Home

Is your home really safe?

You might think so, but would Freeland Insurance or any other home insurance provider agree with you? You might be surprised as to what can be considered a safety risk at your home in the eyes of an insurance agency. You may think that any of the following factors are benign, but each of these scenarios presents a case for a preventable tragedy. Read on to find out if anything on your property in Oklahoma City, OK could be considered a liability.

Trampoline Or Other Play Structures

Do your kids have play structures in the backyard?

You probably purchased a trampoline, a climber, or a bouncy castle for your little ones without hesitation. The thought that any of those fun structures could become a liability at your home probably never crossed your mind.

However, many home insurance policies prohibit the ownership of a trampoline on your property. In fact, you may be voiding your policy if you have one.

Trampolines and other play structures are hazardous to the kids of neighbors and friends who might play with your children. If anything should happen on that trampoline, you, and your home insurance coverage by extension, are responsible for the coverage of medical costs and other compensation.

No Fence Around Your Yard

Is your yard fenced in?

If you’ve never bothered to fence off your yard, you might want to reconsider that. A yard without a fence or even a privacy hedge is easy to trespass.

Burglars and loiterers consider properties that have no clear boundaries to be prime targets for break-ins. If you can’t afford to fence in your yard, or if a fence is impossible to erect due to the ground that is not level, consider a no-trespassing sign. This type of sign can give you legal recourse should anyone decide to vandalize your property.

Old Trees On Your Property

If you have trees on your property, you may have to consider cutting them down. The climate in Oklahoma City, OK is prone to storms with strong winds, including tornados. In such a climate, trees are a clear hazard, especially is they are old or weak.

Protect Your Home

If you have any of the above safety hazards on your property, it’s time to eliminate them. You should further protect your home with a firm home insurance policy that can keep you and your loved ones safe in case of an unfortunate event. Contact Freeland Insurance to get a quote for a customized home insurance policy today.