Three Ways Umbrella Insurance Can Save the Day

Lawsuits happen everywhere. It’s true in Oklahoma City, OK, and it’s true in the rest of the country. Most people have basic coverage, but many don’t understand the opportunity that stems from an umbrella policy. At Freeland Insurance, we’ve seen it all. These are the three biggest ways umbrella insurance can protect you.

Legal Guidance

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of umbrella insurance is that it prevents you from facing lawsuits alone. When you have an umbrella plan, it is in the insurance company’s best interest to make sure you have top shelf representation. That helps you in finding a good lawyer, and it ensures that you have a good legal plan from the start. Too many people have lost horribly because they represented themselves. Umbrella insurance prevents that mistake.


Umbrella insurance isn’t just about protecting your assets. Many policies include clauses for libel, slander and false arrest. If someone levels accusations against you that threaten your future, you can call in the big guns. Your insurance company is better equipped to handle these difficult cases than most individuals. In many cases, winning a defamation case doesn’t just protect your reputation. You may also win a countersuit for damages.

Dollar Bills

Ultimately, this is the primary motivation for having umbrella insurance. It makes sure you aren’t bankrupted if you are liable for damages. The vast majority of times, these cases arise from an honest accident, and none of us are above having a mishap. Umbrella insurance covers the costs of your accident to keep it from ruining your life.

Life in Oklahoma City, OK, can be full of adventure. Umbrella insurance is one of the key defenses to prevent that adventure from mutating into catastrophe. Talk to your Freeland Insurance Agent to make sure you have good coverage.