What You Should Know about Home Insurance and Winter Storms

When it comes to the winter season in Oklahoma City, OK, there is a lot that can go wrong that may increase your need for complete home insurance. Knowing what your insurance will and won’t cover can keep you prepared for when winter storms strike. For questions about what your policy covers, contact Freeland Insurance.

Water Damage: If the water damage comes from a burst pipe, thanks to the cold spell that comes with the winter storm, then you will be covered as long as you haven’t left the home unoccupied and with no heat on. The coverage should include the broken pipe, water damage into the home, and the water damage to furnishings.

Roof Damage: If water leaks through your roof, you are covered for damage to the home and furnishings. If the roof caves in because of the weight of the snow, you are covered for the damage caused. If gutters are clogged with ice, you are covered for any damage to the walls and ceiling that occur from the water leaks.

Trees Falling: If a tree falls and damages the roof, your home insurance will pay for repairs and removing the tree. If a neighbor’s tree falls on your property and causes damage, then your insurance will pay for some damages and reimburse you to a certain amount for removing the tree. If a tree falls on the property but does not cause any damage, your insurance won’t pay for removal of the tree.

Wind Damage: Whether it’s a fallen tree or shingles flying off, your insurance will cover the damage.

Winter storms can also increase your liability risk with property damage to others, or personal injury if someone slips on ice on your walkways. Snow and ice on the roof can also crash down and injure someone on the property. It’s important to take preventative measures, but you are covered if these events happen.

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