3 Surprising Safety Hazards You Might Have In Your Home

Is your home really safe?

You might think so, but would Freeland Insurance or any other home insurance provider agree with you? You might be surprised as to what can be considered a safety risk at your home in the eyes of an insurance agency. You may think that any of the following factors are benign, but each of these scenarios presents a case for a preventable tragedy. Read on to find out if anything on your property in Oklahoma City, OK could be considered a liability.

Trampoline Or Other Play Structures

Do your kids have play structures in the backyard?

You probably purchased a trampoline, a climber, or a bouncy castle for your little ones without hesitation. The thought that any of those fun structures could become a liability at your home probably never crossed your mind.

However, many home insurance policies prohibit the ownership of a trampoline on your property. In fact, you may be voiding your policy if you have one.

Trampolines and other play structures are hazardous to the kids of neighbors and friends who might play with your children. If anything should happen on that trampoline, you, and your home insurance coverage by extension, are responsible for the coverage of medical costs and other compensation.

No Fence Around Your Yard

Is your yard fenced in?

If you’ve never bothered to fence off your yard, you might want to reconsider that. A yard without a fence or even a privacy hedge is easy to trespass.

Burglars and loiterers consider properties that have no clear boundaries to be prime targets for break-ins. If you can’t afford to fence in your yard, or if a fence is impossible to erect due to the ground that is not level, consider a no-trespassing sign. This type of sign can give you legal recourse should anyone decide to vandalize your property.

Old Trees On Your Property

If you have trees on your property, you may have to consider cutting them down. The climate in Oklahoma City, OK is prone to storms with strong winds, including tornados. In such a climate, trees are a clear hazard, especially is they are old or weak.

Protect Your Home

If you have any of the above safety hazards on your property, it’s time to eliminate them. You should further protect your home with a firm home insurance policy that can keep you and your loved ones safe in case of an unfortunate event. Contact Freeland Insurance to get a quote for a customized home insurance policy today.

3 Tips for Buying Auto Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK

Each year, the average person drives thousands of miles, if not more. While on the road, you need to ensure you have adequately protected yourself and your vehicle. The best way to do this is by purchasing auto insurance. In fact, this isn’t just a recommendation. In Oklahoma City, OK, it’s the law. While Freeland Insurance can help you get the auto coverage you need, there are a few tips that can follow to save money in the process.  

1. Acquire and Compare Several Auto Insurance Quotes

The first step in buying any new insurance policy is to get several quotes and then compare them line by line. Take some time to learn about the coverage amounts, costs, fees and more. Each of these factors will impact the overall value of the auto insurance policy that is eventually purchased. Be sure to take your time and compare plenty of policies. This will help ensure you get what you need for an affordable price.

2. Bundle Your New Auto Policy with Other Insurance Policies

If you have insurance coverage already, then you also have an insurance provider. This means you can reach out to them to see if they offer discounts to bundle all your policies together. This can help you save quite a bit of money in the long run.

3. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

The very best thing you can do when it comes to auto insurance in Oklahoma City, OK is to find and work with a reputable insurance agent serving this area. Our team at Freeland Insurance will help ensure you get the results you want and need  at an affordable price. Contact us today. 

When is Financial Services Insurance a Necessity?

Working in the financial services industry can be very rewarding. Not only can you make a good income, but you also will be helping other people reach their financial goals. If you are in the financial services industry in Oklahoma City, OK, you should consider getting financial services insurance as it can benefit you and your firm a number of different ways.

Professional Liability 

One of the biggest risks that a financial services professional takes on is the risk that they will be sued for professional liability. Even if a financial service professional is making the best decisions possible, a customer could still be upset if something does not go the right way. Since the risk of being sued for professional liability is always present, having financial services insurance in place could be very beneficial as it will help to mitigate against this risk.

Other Liability 

Similar to any other type of business, a financial services firm is taking on risk whenever a customer comes to their place of business. If someone happens to come to your financial services office and slips and hurts themselves, you could be found liable. A full financial services insurance policy will help to protect against this potential risk. This could end up saving you a significant amount of money in the event of a bad accident.

For those that are in the Oklahoma City, OK area and work in the financial services industry, speaking to the professionals at Freeland Insurance would be a great option. The insurance professionals at Freeland Insurance understand all of the risks that financial services firms take on. They can then help you get into a great policy that helps to mitigate against these risks.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Libel, Slander, And Defamation? Why You Need Umbrella Insurance.

We all say things we regret at one time or another. But, did you know that if you are sued for defamation, slander, or libel, your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover you? That means if you are sued, even if the suit is dismissed, you will be out fees for your defense, and you could lose your home, business, and other assets if you lose? That may sound like far-fetched, but today’s society has been leaning toward big lawsuits. Consider what would happen if you posted a negative comment about someone online or wrote an unfavorable online review of an Oklahoma City, OK business and you’re sued as a result. Here’s what you need to know, from the experts at  Freeland Insurance. 

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Defamation, Libel Or Slander? 

What if you’re sued for something you say or something you write? Umbrella insurance can provide the liability protection that your homeowners insurance doesn’t, to help pay for expenses, such as if you’re sued for alleged libel, defamation, or slander.  That’s where personal umbrella insurance could help. 

What Is A Personal Umbrella Policy? 

A personal umbrella policy gives you an added layer of liability protection over your other insurance policies, such as auto, business, or Oklahoma City, OK homeowners. Umbrella insurance may help cover costs that mount to defend yourself against a claim in court and can help pay if a legal settlement is made against you. The coverage kicks in after you’ve reached the maximum limits on your underlying policy. In cases like as a defamation, libel, or slander lawsuit, it can offer liability coverage for situations that aren’t covered by other types of insurance. 

What Isn’t Covered Under A Personal Umbrella Policy? 

While umbrella insurance may help you avoid paying a settlement out of pocket if you face a legal judgment for slander, libel, or defamation, there are some common exclusions: 

  • Your policy wasn’t in force at the time you said or wrote the comment 
  • The alleged defaming, libelous, or slanderous comment is related to a business you own 
  • You intentionally made a false comment or statement 

While nobody expects to face an accusation of defamation, libel, or slander, mistakes do happen and the fallout can be costly. Call Freeland Insurance today to find out if an umbrella policy may help you protect your assets and give you peace of mind.

Do I Need Flood Insurance If I Own My Own Home?

The things that make living in Oklahoma City, OK great – the numerous rivers and lakes that attract boaters and recreational fishers – also make it vulnerable to floods. Flooding is one of the most devastating hazards your home can face. It’s also a hazard that’s not covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. If you live in a flood zone or any other area that’s vulnerable to flash flooding, having flood insurance from Freeland Insurance can help repair the damage and make replacing your personal belongings easier.

When you purchase a new home with the help of your mortgage lender, you’ll notice a few important stipulations in your mortgage agreement. Not only will you need a homeowner’s insurance policy, but you’ll also need to carry flood insurance coverage. Lenders can decide whether to require mortgage holders to have flood insurance in low-to-moderate-risk areas. In high-risk areas, however, any homeowner with a federally regulated or insured mortgage must have flood insurance coverage by law.

A new home is a major investment for both the buyer and the mortgage lender. Carrying both policies not only ensures that you’re financially covered in case of flooding, but it also ensures your lender won’t lose its collateral – your home – to the severe damage that’s often caused by flooding.

Once you’ve finally paid off your mortgage, however, you’re no longer under any obligation to maintain your flood insurance coverage. But that doesn’t mean you should ditch your policy at the first opportunity. Your flood insurance policy ensures you’re financially covered if and when the next flash flood makes a mess of your home.

If you own your Oklahoma City, OK free and clear, it’s up to you to decide if your home still needs flood insurance coverage. Contact Freeland Insurance today for a no-obligation consultation with one of our independent agents.

Why Does Someone Need to Have Health Insurance?

For people that are in the Oklahoma City, OK area, one of the most important types of insurance to have is health insurance. Today, having this insurance is a practical necessity. There are several reasons why someone needs to have health insurance in place at all times.

Gives Protection for Major Expenses

One of the main reasons why you need to have health insurance is that it will give you protection for major expenses. If you suffer an injury or get sick, you could end up spending tens of thousands of dollars to get better. If you have health insurance in place, the actual money that you will have to spend out-of-pocket will be significantly less. If you do not have health insurance, you likely will spend years trying to pay back this debt.

Encourages Better Health

Another advantage of having health insurance is that it can help to promote and encourage better health. When you have health insurance, you will have the ability to go see the doctor on a regular basis and get check-ups. This can get you motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. If you do not have health insurance, you will not have this ability.

Required by Law

Today, all people are required by law to carry health insurance at all times. For people that are on limited income, there are a variety of options to get discounted plans. If you do not have any type of health insurance, you could end up facing a big fine that will need to be paid when you file your taxes.

When you are looking for a health insurance policy in the Oklahoma City, OK area, Freeland Insurance is a great place to start your search. Freeland Insurance will help you to find a policy that is right for you.

Why Life Insurance Is Important for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are risk takers, and while they do all sorts of research for their business and the risk is calculated, it is still a risk. Life can often be unpredictable, which is why even though entrepreneurs are used to taking risks, they should still consider life insurance.

About 41% of business owners don’t have life insurance, which means that don’t have funds to support their business, employees, and family in the event that something happens to them. Since entrepreneurs in Oklahoma City, OK often have a unique outlook for the business, if something were to happen it could derail the company and possibly lead to the collapse of the business itself. Even though no one wants to think about unexpected things that could happen, life insurance is one of the easiest ways to protect those who depend on you. Life insurance can give you peace of mind so that you can spend your time focusing on building your business and know that your business partners and family are protected should anything happen to you.

Entrepreneurs should consider getting term life insurance. Term life insurance covers an individual for a certain amount of time and it’s the most amount of coverage at a lower premium. Term life insurance policies are customizable and can be tailored to suit your needs. However, there are other types of life insurance available. An agent at Freeland Insurance can help entrepreneurs come up with a policy that suits their goals. Business owners should think about the level of debt, future obligations, and income replacement. Many entrepreneurs can be unaware of vital financial measures and the value of their business, which can cause them to not have enough coverage.

Contact Freeland Insurance, serving Oklahoma City, OK, to get a quote on life insurance.

Steps to Prepping Your Commercial Property for Winter Weather

With tornadoes in the spring and snow in the winter, residents of Oklahoma City, OK are not strangers to inclement weather. When the forecast calls for dangerous conditions, use these tips to protect your physical assets and reduce the likelihood of workers and visitors sustaining injuries on your property.

  • Ensure your liability and commercial property insurance policies are up-to-date. Are you sure you have enough coverage to protect you from a catastrophic loss? Talk to the experts at Freeland Insurance to make sure your payouts will be enough to help you rebuild after a big storm.
  • Move outdoor displays, tools, and decorative items inside. This will prevent them from flying away and causing further damage to surrounding property.
  • Place thick rubber safety mats at all entrances and exits to reduce accidental slip and falls due to excess moisture. Consider placing a more absorbent mat underneath to contain precipitation to one area.
  • Be sure to insulate pipes before the temperature drops to prevent freezing. This includes lines for septic systems, water supply, or anything that runs close to the surface of the ground. Even electrical equipment can be damaged by extreme cold.
  • Check your property’s safety lighting system. Ensure there are no burnt-out bulbs or malfunctioning equipment that could compromise the nighttime vision of visitors.
  • Visually inspect gas flues and outlets. Are they sufficiently covered to keep them from getting clogged with snow or ice?
  • While the weather is still good, survey your grounds. Repair potholes in the parking lot, broken pavers, and other issues that might become a hazard in the presence of ice and snow.

These steps ensure that your clients and workers stay safe on your commercial property in winter conditions. Want to know more about how the right commercial insurance package can protect your business interests, regardless of the weather? Contact Freeland Insurance to learn more about insurance policies for your Oklahoma City, OK business.

What You Should Know about Home Insurance and Winter Storms

When it comes to the winter season in Oklahoma City, OK, there is a lot that can go wrong that may increase your need for complete home insurance. Knowing what your insurance will and won’t cover can keep you prepared for when winter storms strike. For questions about what your policy covers, contact Freeland Insurance.

Water Damage: If the water damage comes from a burst pipe, thanks to the cold spell that comes with the winter storm, then you will be covered as long as you haven’t left the home unoccupied and with no heat on. The coverage should include the broken pipe, water damage into the home, and the water damage to furnishings.

Roof Damage: If water leaks through your roof, you are covered for damage to the home and furnishings. If the roof caves in because of the weight of the snow, you are covered for the damage caused. If gutters are clogged with ice, you are covered for any damage to the walls and ceiling that occur from the water leaks.

Trees Falling: If a tree falls and damages the roof, your home insurance will pay for repairs and removing the tree. If a neighbor’s tree falls on your property and causes damage, then your insurance will pay for some damages and reimburse you to a certain amount for removing the tree. If a tree falls on the property but does not cause any damage, your insurance won’t pay for removal of the tree.

Wind Damage: Whether it’s a fallen tree or shingles flying off, your insurance will cover the damage.

Winter storms can also increase your liability risk with property damage to others, or personal injury if someone slips on ice on your walkways. Snow and ice on the roof can also crash down and injure someone on the property. It’s important to take preventative measures, but you are covered if these events happen.

Contact an agent at Freeland Insurance, serving Oklahoma City, OK, to get a quote on home insurance.

Tips On Keeping Your Car Safe During A Storm

Tornados and strong thunderstorms are common in Oklahoma City, OK. The agents at Freeland Insurance are well aware of the dangers that come along with these storms and work diligently to help their clients protect their vehicles at all times. It’s important to know how to protect your vehicle if you find out a storm is heading your way.

Park Away From Trees Or Buildings

If you aren’t at home and don’t have access to a garage or carport, park away from trees, buildings, and other objects that could be blown over or thrown around by high winds. While you won’t have any protection from hail damage, being parked a safe distance away from large objects will prevent them from falling onto your vehicle.

Park In A Garage, Carport, or Other Covered Area If Possible

If you have access to a garage or carport, use it. If a carport is available, pull in as far as possible to prevent the wind from blowing things under it. In some cases, being able to park alongside a building that can act as a block against the wind may also be beneficial. If you are in a public lot, avoid blocking fire lanes and other areas designated for emergency vehicles.

Many of the residents in the Oklahoma City, OK area have experienced the devastating effects of severe weather. At Freeland Insurance, each agent always goes above and beyond to help their clients remain safe and secure during strong storms. Call the office and schedule an appointment if you have questions about how to protect your vehicle and yourself from severe weather and its devastating effects.