Three myths about financial services

Taking advantage of financial services is vital for optimizing your finances. At Freeland Insurance, we offer financial services to consumers in Oklahoma City, OK. 

There are a lot of myths out there that consumers need to be aware of about financial services. The following are three myths about financial services. 

Financial services only advise customers about investments.

While investment advising is an important part of what financial services providers do, this is not the only type of assistance you can get from a financial services company.

Financial service providers also help with other financial issues such as debt management, real estate negotiations, banking decisions, and much more. 

There are a lot of hidden fees when you hire financial services providers.

Some people assume that there are always a lot of unexpected fees that come up when they hire financial services providers. However, an excellent financial services company will advise you on all fees before you sign a contract or use their services to avoid surprises down the road.

It’s easy for you to take care of all your financial needs yourself. 

Making financial decisions yourself can be challenging and stressful. Making the wrong decision about investments, borrowing, or other issues could cost you down the road. 

You can be more confident that you’re making the right financial decisions when hiring a professional financial services provider. This will make building your savings easier and minimize your debt over time. 

If you want to learn more about ways to improve your finances, you can find financial services available in Oklahoma City, OK. Get in touch with us at Freeland Insurance to learn more about the services we provide. 

How do you know if you have to buy flood insurance?

When you purchase a new home, at least new to you, you may or may not need to purchase flood insurance in addition to your homeowner’s insurance. Many people in Oklahoma City, OK as us at Freeland Insurance, “How do you know when you must buy flood insurance?”

Typically, this need gets brought up by your bank. Few individuals purchase homes outright, so when you obtain a mortgage, your bank provides you with a list of fees and purchase requirements. If the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designated your home as lying within a flood zone, you will find out in your mortgage documents.

If you must purchase flood insurance, you can also find this information in your home sale and closing documents. When a home is situated within a map zone that requires flood insurance, the home seller must reveal this information in the listing or sale documents. It is one of the items the law requires the home seller to reveal during the sale process. This makes it very important for you to read all documents related to the home purchase before signing them.

You can also ask the home seller or the real estate agent outright. The law requires them to answer you directly and admit if the property does require flood insurance.

Don’t worry. Flood insurance does not cost that much. The laws are written the way they are to protect consumers from purchasing without full knowledge of what they are buying. They also have to tell you things like if a death occurred in the home or a fire.

You need to know in advance that the home requires flood insurance because, like home insurance, you have to own the policy before the bank will let you take possession of, i.e. move into, the house. Since the bank really owns the home until you pay the mortgage, they require you to assume the risk of the unpaid mortgage by buying insurance. This reduces their risk of loaning you the money to buy your new home.

Contact Freeland Insurance serving Oklahoma City, OK to obtain your flood insurance today. Let us help you find the right National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy for you.

What You Can Do When You Age Out of Your Parents’ Health Care Coverage

Health insurance is designed to help you cover various medical expenses, including preventative care and sickness. As of right now, children can stay on their parent’s policy until the age of 26. If you’re almost 26 years old, you do have health insurance options. Freeland Insurance, serving Oklahoma City, OK, shares some of these options.

Employer Insurance Plan

If you are currently employed with a company that offers employee health benefits, you should reach out to your supervisor or Human Resources department to find out how you can sign up. As a general rule, there will be several options available, and your premiums will be taken directly out of your regular paycheck.


COBRA coverage allows you to petition the employer or health insurer of your parent’s health insurance policy to stay on their current plan for as many as 36 months following the day you turn 26 years old. You will need to fill out an election form and submit it to the necessary party. 

Catastrophic Insurance

These types of health insurance plans are designed to offer protection against some of the worst situations. This health insurance plan is permitted for individuals under 30 years of age and anyone who is facing undue financial hardship. 

Usually, preventative care is covered, as well as expenses greater than the deductible, which ensures you don’t go into financial distress. However, when it comes to emergency care, you will be responsible for paying for these services out of your own pocket until the deductible has been reached.


Oklahoma is one of the states that offer Medicaid expansion. This expansion makes it easier for more people in the state to qualify for insurance coverage, especially if you are on a low or limited income. As long as your income is a certain amount below federal poverty, you may be eligible for Medicaid health insurance. 

With any of the aforementioned options, there may be certain stipulations to meet that vary from state to state, so you should speak to a professional insurance agent with Freeland Insurance, serving Oklahoma City, OK residents.

What Is the Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance?

No one knows for sure what life has in store for them. But one 2018 report said that 90 percent of long-term disabilities result from illness rather than accidents. After thinking about that fact, you might want to talk to the insurance experts at Freeland Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK. We sell short-term and long-term disability insurance.

How Long Are Disability Policies In Effect?

Short-term disability policies pay a percentage of your base salary and your medical bills as stated in the policy. Depending on your policy, the waiting period could be from days to weeks before your policy kicks in.

The benefit period for these policies varies according to the policy you choose. However, a short-term policy usually caps the term to receive benefits at a few years at most. That period for a long-term disability policy, of course, is longer. The more years your stated policy has, the more expensive your coverage is. 

What Influences the Cost of Disability Insurance?

Other factors that influence the cost of short-term and long-term disability insurance are your salary, occupation, health, age, gender and location. For your policy to go into effect, you have to be totally disabled. Generally, this means that you are unable to do the duties of the job you had before you fell ill or were injured and that you need the care of a physician.

Who Needs Disability Insurance?

People who benefit by having disability insurance are:

  • Self-employed
  • Sole providers for their family
  • Parents of minor children
  • Workers in hazardous occupations

Contact the Freeland Insurance Agency in Oklahoma City, OK to discuss your short-term and long-term disability insurance.

When Should You Buy Umbrella Insurance Coverage?

Many people are interested in umbrella insurance and whether they need it or not. If you have many assets or rent properties, it can be a good move to have this extra coverage in case you are sued. While umbrella insurance is effective for certain situations, anyone can benefit from this type of insurance in general. As a kind of personal liability, umbrella insurance covers claims where your standard homeowners and auto insurance stop. This can be very useful to keep you protected during unforeseen events.

The agents at Freeland Insurance located in Oklahoma City, OK can help you understand the ins and outs of umbrella insurance. We will make sure you get adequate coverage to keep you and your assets protected. 

Knowing When You Need Umbrella Insurance

There are several circumstances when having umbrella insurance will save you financially in big ways. If you are a public figure, host many social gatherings, have teenagers, or need extra coverage beyond your homeowner’s insurance, you may want to consider umbrella insurance. Your homeowners may provide adequate coverage in most cases, but an umbrella insurance policy can save you financially when it is needed most. Your family members may cause damages to others and umbrella insurance can help. You can be sued for situations that arise from your property involving your teenagers and an insurance policy umbrella can protect you. Some common instances where umbrella insurance is useful to include:

  • Libel, slander, and false imprisonment
  • Coverage beyond homeowners and auto insurance
  • Legal expenses

Professional Insurance Agents in Oklahoma

Contact us at Freeland Insurance of Oklahoma City, OK to discuss your umbrella insurance options. Our agents work with well known companies to find quality insurance products at competitive pricing. We look forward to helping with all of your insurance needs.

The Ins and Outs of Flood Insurance

Floor insurance is crucial if you live in a state with a high flooding risk, as you might lose a lot of valuable items in case of flooding. We can help you navigate what flood insurance to get. 

Freeland Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK offers flood insurance quotes for health insurance servicing the state of Oklahoma. We work with multiple providers so that you can choose the appropriate insurance quote for you.

Water in Oklahoma

Because Oklahoma has a lot of water sources, such as rivers, you might be at a higher risk of flooding. We can walk you through where you live and determine whether your risk of flooding is higher, as this determines your flood insurance quote and what type of coverage you need. 

If you live in a flood zone, there is a high chance that your usual home insurance for home flooding does not cover flooding. Therefore, you should look into flood insurance right away to avoid damage and loss of your property and items. 

Non-Flood Zones

If you do not live in a flood zone, your normal home insurance might cover you already. We can still help you check this and provide you with a floor insurance quote if it turns out you need one. 

Flooding can be a risk wherever you live. If you live near a body of water, you should always check whether you require flood insurance. 

If you want to take a look at flood insurance quotes, contact Freeland Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK today by requesting a quote from us via our website. Our agents will help you look through the quotes and help you decide what insurance to go with. 

Is Your Auto Insurance Up to Date?

When it comes to auto insurance one of the worst things that can happen is for your insurance to be out of date. This can mean one of two things, either the insurance has expired, or your insurance no longer covers what you need it to cover. There are a few different ways to check your coverage and to make sure your coverage is up to date. For those in Oklahoma City, OK, your coverage needs may be different from someone that lives in another part of the country.

The first way to check your coverage is to simply look at your insurance cards. These cards will display the date that the card expires, the coverage expires, and when you need to get a new card and to renew your coverage. You can pay for your premiums in a variety of ways and in a variety of different increments as well. Most people simply pay monthly to help offset the cost but you can also pay your premiums for 6 months or for a year.

It is always helpful that if you are not sure how to check your coverage, that you talk with an agent to help you determine when your coverage lapses and when it needs to be renewed. You can also check online if your agency has a website and find out when your coverage expires. You should also take the time to find out when you need to up coverage, add more coverage, or change your coverage to keep it up to date and to make sure your coverage is going to work if you are in an accident. Your coverage is important and if you live in the Oklahoma City, OK area you need to make sure your coverage is perfect for you.

What to Consider When Comparing Home Insurance Quotes

Choosing home insurance is an often daunting task, and one that comes with a lot of questions. One way that people typically try to simplify the process is to focus solely on the price. Here are 3 reasons why that might not be the best strategy. 

1. Pay Now or Pay Later 

An unfortunate fact of life, but a lesson that you shouldn’t have to learn the hard way. The amount of money you spend on insurance can pale in comparison to the financial ramifications of a disaster happening to your property. Whether it’s a flood or a guest tripping over their shoelaces and blaming it on the linoleum, there are a lot of situations that may not be covered in the cheaper quotes. 

2. Will Help Be There?

Calling up your insurance company is never going to be a fun task, but some experiences can be better than others. Choosing a company that understands the importance of providing value in an emergency is of vital importance. When something horrible happens, you want someone you can turn to — a partner who will be able to direct and guide you to a better solution. 

3. How Much Do the Agents Know?

The companies who serve Oklahoma City, OK who have the best home insurance have the best people who can really answer questions at a deeper level. When you talk to a person who has done their job for many years, you can be sure that you’re getting advice that is custom-made for your situation. 

FM Insurance wants to know more about the specifics of your situation. We have staff serving Oklahoma City, OK to keep you feeling safe and secure in your own home. When you’re comparing quotes, there is so much more to consider than just how much it costs. The service and coverage you get is far more valuable. Give us a call for more information.