Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Property Damage?

Having umbrella insurance in Oklahoma City, OK, has become a very common practice. As a leading insurance company in the region, Freeland Insurance notes that most people are interested in this policy. The only problem is that most of them do not know what umbrella insurance is and whether it covers property damages. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

If you’re held liable for certain damages, chances are your liabilities will exceed what you have already covered. This is a huge nightmare that might lead you to lose much of your savings. 

To prevent you from going through this experience, umbrella insurance comes in hand to help you cover such extra liabilities. Therefore, it is a liability policy that that only covers what is in excess of what you have already insured. 

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Property Damages?

As highlighted above, umbrella insurance is a liability policy. Therefore, this insurance policy will only come in handy where you have been held liable for damaging someone’s property. 

Therefore, umbrella insurance is used in covering property damages. If your homeowners’ insurance is falling short of your liabilities, it is essential to pull out your umbrella insurance to cover the shortfall. 

Is Umbrella Insurance Regularly Needed?

It will always be very hard for your liabilities to exceed what you have already covered. This means that you should not get worried about your liabilities. However, bad things happen, and you’ll be on the receiving end of huge property damage. Buying umbrella insurance will help you to cover extra costs.  

Is Umbrella Insurance Worth It?

As a resident in Oklahoma City, OK, having umbrella insurance is worth it. You never know whether your different types of insurance policies will fall short when needed. Contact Freeland Insurance and speak with our professionals to get more details about umbrella insurance and why you need it.

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