What to Consider When Comparing Home Insurance Quotes

Choosing home insurance is an often daunting task, and one that comes with a lot of questions. One way that people typically try to simplify the process is to focus solely on the price. Here are 3 reasons why that might not be the best strategy. 

1. Pay Now or Pay Later 

An unfortunate fact of life, but a lesson that you shouldn’t have to learn the hard way. The amount of money you spend on insurance can pale in comparison to the financial ramifications of a disaster happening to your property. Whether it’s a flood or a guest tripping over their shoelaces and blaming it on the linoleum, there are a lot of situations that may not be covered in the cheaper quotes. 

2. Will Help Be There?

Calling up your insurance company is never going to be a fun task, but some experiences can be better than others. Choosing a company that understands the importance of providing value in an emergency is of vital importance. When something horrible happens, you want someone you can turn to — a partner who will be able to direct and guide you to a better solution. 

3. How Much Do the Agents Know?

The companies who serve Oklahoma City, OK who have the best home insurance have the best people who can really answer questions at a deeper level. When you talk to a person who has done their job for many years, you can be sure that you’re getting advice that is custom-made for your situation. 

FM Insurance wants to know more about the specifics of your situation. We have staff serving Oklahoma City, OK to keep you feeling safe and secure in your own home. When you’re comparing quotes, there is so much more to consider than just how much it costs. The service and coverage you get is far more valuable. Give us a call for more information. 


Packing a Home for a Move the Smart Way

When facing a home move people realize quickly that their inventory has probably grown a lot bigger since their last move. And that can result in a daunting challenge of figuring how to pack everything up, especially if one has to move quickly due to work or to close out escrow in a home sale. So here’s a few tips on how to pack efficiently versus working to exhaustion.

Filtering out your belongings to what should be kept versus what should go to charity or be sold in a garage sale is a great way to reduce the move amount significantly. We all pile up lots of belongings that we really don’t have any plans to use regularly. And that takes up a lot of space otherwise. So a good spring cleaning and going through everything for what should be let go is always the first step in an efficient move. Not only does it reduce the load, it can also produce valuable charity tax deductions or even helpful cash.

Once filtered, the items that are to be packed should be organized for multiple purposes. Clothing often provides great packing material for protecting items that would otherwise need to be bubble-wrapped. Containers should also be a good size, durable, and squarish to maximize space. Odd-shaped containers or round storage loses space in vehicles. And every container should be labeled with a permanent marker (labels rip off to easily).

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help when packing and moving. A bit of elbow grease from friends and relatives can go a long way to making the packing process happen a lot faster.

FM Insurance is there to help and support Oklahoma City, OK residents. Home moves can be stressful, but good planning and smart thinking can avoid problems and make a move a lot easier.

Insure Your Belongings with Renters Insurance

Serving renters in Oklahoma City, FM Insurance helps tenants ensure that their belongings are properly insured. While personal property coverage is only one of several coverage options that a renters insurance policy may contain, it is one of the most important protections. Here’s why you should have a renters insurance policy that includes robust personal property coverage.

Insuring Your Belongings

Few people can afford to replace all of their belongings, which is why there’s renters insurance. Unless you’re independently wealthy, in which case you probably would own, not rent, a place, replacing all of your belongings would place a significant strain on your finances. Many people couldn’t afford to replace everything they have.

Renters insurance protects your belongings against a host of risks. If your possessions were damaged in a covered incident, a rental insurance policy’s personal property coverage would reimburse you for the loss. Depending on the type of coverage you have, you may be reimbursed for the depreciated value of your damaged items, or you might receive their replacement cost. Precisely how much a policy pays is determined by its terms and conditions.

Finding Renters Insurance

Even robust coverage doesn’t need to cost a fortune. By comparing policies with an independent insurance agent, you can see which insurer offers the most coverage and has the lowest premiums in Oklahoma.

If you have an apartment in Oklahoma City but don’t have renters insurance, contact one of our independent insurance agents. They can be reached through our website or by calling our agency. In just a few minutes, our renters insurance agents can help you begin looking at policies that will protect your belongings.


Oklahoma City Home Insurance

If you own a home and have a mortgage, you’re going to be required to have home insurance. If you’re buying a home in the immediate future, you’ll need to bring proof of home insurance with you when you close on your house. Most lenders will require coverage to permit the premises that they have an interest in to go uninsured. 

One of the basics of home insurance is to protect you from hazards like a fire, an explosion, or a storm. Take tornadoes for example. Oklahoma City sits in the middle of "tornado alley." It’s not unusual for us to see more than one tornado in a single day. Sure, your home insurance is likely to cover you in the event of damage or destruction from a tornado, but a standard home insurance policy will probably leave you paying out-of-pocket for repairs or replacement of a home and its contents. That could amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Insuring your home for its replacement value rather than its actual cash value should give you enough coverage to rebuild your home. We can arrange that for you along with special coverage for any particularly valuable personal property.

We’re independent insurance agents who live and work in and around Oklahoma City. Our families and businesses are established in our communities. We want to live here, but we recognize the risks too. Be prepared for them with sufficient home insurance. You can get an online quote, call us or just stop in. We’ll be happy to look at your existing policy. We’ll give you honest and objective answers and information. You might be surprised if you learn you’re not even covered for tornadoes. We’ll give you a wide range of options to choose from.