Packing a Home for a Move the Smart Way

When facing a home move people realize quickly that their inventory has probably grown a lot bigger since their last move. And that can result in a daunting challenge of figuring how to pack everything up, especially if one has to move quickly due to work or to close out escrow in a home sale. So here’s a few tips on how to pack efficiently versus working to exhaustion.

Filtering out your belongings to what should be kept versus what should go to charity or be sold in a garage sale is a great way to reduce the move amount significantly. We all pile up lots of belongings that we really don’t have any plans to use regularly. And that takes up a lot of space otherwise. So a good spring cleaning and going through everything for what should be let go is always the first step in an efficient move. Not only does it reduce the load, it can also produce valuable charity tax deductions or even helpful cash.

Once filtered, the items that are to be packed should be organized for multiple purposes. Clothing often provides great packing material for protecting items that would otherwise need to be bubble-wrapped. Containers should also be a good size, durable, and squarish to maximize space. Odd-shaped containers or round storage loses space in vehicles. And every container should be labeled with a permanent marker (labels rip off to easily).

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help when packing and moving. A bit of elbow grease from friends and relatives can go a long way to making the packing process happen a lot faster.

FM Insurance is there to help and support Oklahoma City, OK residents. Home moves can be stressful, but good planning and smart thinking can avoid problems and make a move a lot easier.