FM Insurance How Much Commercial Insurance Should I get for my Business?

Purchasing commercial insurance for your business- no matter the size- is an important practice. Having a solid commercial insurance policy can cover you from liability in the case of injuries, malpractice,  theft, property damage and much more. Dependent on your business structure, you will need different levels of coverage. Here are some basics to weigh in when you are considering how much commercial insurance to purchase for your business:

Research the types of policies you need for your specific business– As a doctor, you will need medical malpractice insurance. As a labor company, you would be required to have worker’s compensation to cover any employees getting injured on the job. The structure of your business will determine what kind of policies you need, which will determine the amounts that you should purchase. Base your insurance policy simply on your needs so that you don’t over-insure.

Figure out your Assets to Determine Property Insurance Needs– The first thing that you need to do in order to figure out how much insurance to purchase is to list out your company assets. Assets will include any inventory that your business has, property and any equipment that you use. Property insurance can be determined based on the actual value of your property, so that you can buy the minimum policy that will work for your business size and current property.

Look into a Business Owners Commercial Insurance Policy- If you are a mid level business, purchasing a bundled Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is recommended. A BOP will bundle coverage that includes major liability risks, property and income insurance in the event of the loss of income that is the result of a disaster such as a fire or a natural disaster. These policies will also typically cost much less than buying each level of commercial insurance separately.





Fall is Coming in Oklahoma City! Is Your Home Prepared?

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your home for winter and take care of the many little things around the house that you have been putting off.  Use these tips to get your home in tip top shape and your family protected from potentially dangerous situations. 

·        Gutters:  Fall is the perfect time to inspect and clean your home’s gutters.  They actively divert water away from the home and prevent damage to the home’s structure.  This is an easy project that will prevent future damage to your most valuable investment.

·        Roof:  After checking the gutters, check the roof to ensure that there are no loose or damaged metal flashing around the eaves.  Repairing any damage before a small problem becomes a big one can save you a lot of time and money.

·        Pipes:  Wrap exposed pipes around the perimeter of your home.  Oklahoma City, OK has had many ice storms in recent years.  Wrapping your pipes will help prevent them from freezing in the snow and ice.

·        Batteries:  Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors.  Doing this on a regular basis to ensure that they are in working order can prevent deadly situations. 

·        Fire Extinguishers:  Every home should have at least one regularly maintained fire extinguisher ready for emergencies.  Check the pressure gauge to ensure that it is charged and ready when needed.  Also check to see if the nozzle is clean and clean the unit up.  Replace the unit if needed.

·        Review Home Owners Insurance:  The professionals at FM Insurance are ready to help with your home owner’s insurance.  Find the insurance coverage you need online today with FM Insurance or visit their offices in Oklahoma City, OK.  Their professionals can help.

What is Umbrella Insurance Exactly, and Why do You Need it?

Umbrella Insurance is, in simple terms, an add-on insurance policy that covers a broader range than the original policy. In many cases the quote for an umbrella policy in addition to a base policy is low, but the higher range of coverage buys much more than a piece of mind. 

People purchase umbrella insurance to protect themselves from litigation after an auto accident and to increase their coverage in case their medical bills are higher than expected. Umbrella policies can also cover unique and individual circumstances that are not covered by basic policies, as defined between the policy holder and insurance company. 

People with "much to lose" often add an umbrella policy to their insurance so if they do lose in a lawsuit their assets are protected to a degree. Extra insurance on vulnerable items or for people who may be targeted due to their assets is what umbrella insurance was created for. Even if you do not have obvious assets, and umbrella policy will come in handy when/if time needs to be taken off for work after an accident, or additional hospital bills beyond what the basic policy covers.

It is important to know exactly the limitations of your insurance policy and exactly the circumstances it covers. Knowing any limitations of your basic policy will keep you from being surprised in an emergency by preparing with an umbrella policy that covers any gaps that you find unacceptable. 

FM Insurance serves Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. Visit for an umbrella insurance quote that can save you money and protect your assets further than your base policy.

Why You Should Consider a Flood Insurance Policy

Flood insurance may not be something that you think about purchasing if you do not live in an area that is prone to flooding but it may be something that you should consider purchasing anyway. One of the biggest reasons to purchase it is that you are likely not covered by your current homeowners insurance policy. It is something that many homeowners do not realize but having homeowners insurance is not enough to protect your home. 

There are also recognized flood areas all over the United States and many homeowners believe they do not need flood insurance if they do not live in one of these areas. However, that is not necessarily true. Floods can occur at unexpected times and in unexpected places. In fact, it happens all the time: about 20 percent of floods occur in unrecognized flood areas.

One of the biggest misconceptions about flooding is that you have to live near a river or stream to be susceptible. However, flooding can occur from a variety of reasons including overdevelopment, a snow pack, and even a storm drain backing up. In fact, new construction homes are more likely to have flooding in basements because the new roads in the developed area make the water absorption into the soil less likely to happen. Even if there is not a lot of rain in an area, one unexpected downpour could cause a flooding issue.

When it comes to you home and your property, it is best to take the best precautions which includes purchasing flood insurance. Even if you think it cannot happen to you, it happens to people like you all the time. Contact us at FM Insurance to explore all of your flood insurance options and find the right plan for you. 

Packing a Home for a Move the Smart Way

When facing a home move people realize quickly that their inventory has probably grown a lot bigger since their last move. And that can result in a daunting challenge of figuring how to pack everything up, especially if one has to move quickly due to work or to close out escrow in a home sale. So here’s a few tips on how to pack efficiently versus working to exhaustion.

Filtering out your belongings to what should be kept versus what should go to charity or be sold in a garage sale is a great way to reduce the move amount significantly. We all pile up lots of belongings that we really don’t have any plans to use regularly. And that takes up a lot of space otherwise. So a good spring cleaning and going through everything for what should be let go is always the first step in an efficient move. Not only does it reduce the load, it can also produce valuable charity tax deductions or even helpful cash.

Once filtered, the items that are to be packed should be organized for multiple purposes. Clothing often provides great packing material for protecting items that would otherwise need to be bubble-wrapped. Containers should also be a good size, durable, and squarish to maximize space. Odd-shaped containers or round storage loses space in vehicles. And every container should be labeled with a permanent marker (labels rip off to easily).

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help when packing and moving. A bit of elbow grease from friends and relatives can go a long way to making the packing process happen a lot faster.

FM Insurance is there to help and support Oklahoma City, OK residents. Home moves can be stressful, but good planning and smart thinking can avoid problems and make a move a lot easier.

Keep your cool behind the wheel with these road rage prevention tips

Don’t underestimate the seriousness of road rage. Road rage is actually a leading cause of automobile accidents according to some authorities like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to keep everyone safe out on the road by assuaging hot tempers- including your own hot temper. The following are three important road rage prevention tips to keep in mind on a daily basis:

Pay attention to traffic reports

Stay informed about traffic out on the roads and you can avoid heavy congestion. A heavy concentration of drivers always makes disputes and accidents more likely, so do your part to minimize traffic. 

Report dangerous behavior

If repetitive reports are received by the police of a driver behaving erratically and dangerously, that driver might be taken off the road by having his or her license suspended.

Reporting dangerous behavior can help keep people who can’t handle driving off the roads. This, in turn, will lower the risk of car accidents caused by road rage. 

Don’t run late all the time

Being in a hurry is one of the biggest reasons why drivers are quick to lose their temper. It’s also more likely that you’ll make another driver lose his or her temper if you are being pushy and aggressive to get where you need to be on time.

Leave a few minutes earlier and you’ll probably find that much of the stress of your daily commute is prevented. 

Are you looking for the right auto insurance policy to keep you protected financially? Contact us at FM Insurance to learn more. 

ATV’s and Road Conditions from FM Insurance

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are more than just modes of transportation. An ATV is more about spending leisure time than getting from one place to the next. Many people envision only three and four wheelers when they think of ATV’s but there are those with more traditional seating arrangements. The one commonality between all  ATV’s is the ability to tread across rough terrain. However, even these rugged machines must be drive carefully. This is especially true when the road conditions are poor. 

Driving on Different Terrain

Most surfaces are fine for driving an ATV, but one must be careful when trekking through wooded areas. There are many sticks and rocks which can topple the vehicle or jostle the rider/driver. Even in a four-seat UTV, a large rock can severely damage the vehicle’s undercarriage. These obstacles are often concealed by fallen foliage and pine needles. It’s best to drive slowly and search for established paths. Another treacherous surface is gravel. It’s very difficult for the tires to gain a purchase as the individual rocks skid across the ground.  It’s best to ride slowly across gravel surfaces and never make any sudden turns. The most dangerous of all the terrain is ice, because it poses multiple threats. The risk of hydroplaning is always immanent when crossing ice so it’s best to drive slowly. You should also avoid ice in unfamiliar areas. Whenever ice is present there may also be water. A seemingly harmless patch of ice might actually be concealing a deep puddle. If the temperature is in the low thirties, the ice can shatter and expose the vehicle, driver/rider and passengers to frigid waters. 



How to Help Local Homeless Shelters

Even as many of us enjoy the holiday season, homelessness remains a serious problem in Oklahoma City. People often lose their homes after becoming unemployed or falling ill. Everyone can help these individuals by taking steps to support local homeless shelters:

1. Try volunteering at a nearby shelter. These organizations frequently rely on volunteers to prepare meals, clean rooms and advise residents about housing or employment. Other possible tasks include welcoming visitors to the organization or tutoring children who lack homes.

2. If you have more money than spare time, think about sending a cash contribution. Homeless shelters can’t meet all of their needs with volunteers and donated supplies. In addition to funding repairs to their buildings, they need money to pay heating and cooling bills.

3. Another option is to donate extra goods to a local shelter. For example, you could give food, clothing, books or toys. The needs of different shelters vary, so it makes sense to call ahead before dropping off such items.

4. If you own a business, there may be a number of additional ways you can help the homeless. You could place a cash donation container in the checkout area of your restaurant or shop. The IRS permits substantial tax deductions for companies that donate excess food.

5. Spread the word and remind other people about the importance of helping the homeless. For instance, you could share this blog post with friends, link to a homeless shelter on your website or write a letter about homelessness to a magazine.

Finally, remember to support local businesses. They often directly or indirectly assist nonprofit organizations in Oklahoma City. Consider purchasing insurance from an agent in your community. The helpful staff at FM Insurance has served local residents since 2006.

How to Prepare for Driving Abroad

Preparation is critical when you are going to be driving abroad. Particularly if you are crossing the pond, there is quite a lot to know because you may be dealing with foreign languages and even driving on the “wrong” side of the road.


You should always have auto insurance in place, even if it is for a rental car. If there is an accident or your car gets hit in a parking lot, it’s easier to file a claim than to have to pay out of pocket. Your rental car company may be able to provide all the coverage you need. It is also possible that your auto policy will cover you if you travel to Canada or Mexico.

Road Signs

Do the research to find out what the road signs look like in the country you are traveling to. This will make it easier to know how to drive and adjust your speed accordingly. This can prevent getting into trouble when you arrive and see a road sign for the first time.


You want to make sure you know where you are going, and a GPS can be the best thing to have. Don’t depend solely on a map app as it can cost you a lot of money with roaming charges from your cell phone company.


You also want to check on the requirements for driving in a particular country. A standard driver’s license may not be enough. You may be required to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). These are easy enough to get and most auto clubs will help you with them for a small fee.

Call to find out more about auto insurance. Our agents at FM Insurance are happy to discuss policies, coverage levels, and answer any questions you may have. We can also get quotes from some of the best insurance companies to help you compare rates.



Hit and Run in Oklahoma City: Understanding Your Policy

Have you ever been involved in a hit-and-run accident? If so, you know firsthand how aggravating it can be to receive compensation for any damage, especially if the at-fault driver is never caught. Fortunately, though, there are several ways in which auto insurance can be used in your favor after a hit-and-run takes place. The most important thing you can do to ensure you are covered is by speaking with a qualified agent serving the Oklahoma City area. 

First of all, collision coverage will prove to be of the utmost benefit when it comes to hit-and-run accidents. Probably one of the most notable features about collision insurance is that it doesn’t matter whose fault the accident is, benefits will still be paid out to cover the damage. This means that even if you aren’t at fault, you will likely have the opportunity with collision coverage to make a claim with your own insurance company on your policy; this is regardless of whether or not the other driver is found.      

You’ll also find that having personal injury protection (PIP) to be of immense value after a hit-and-run accident takes place. Although policies vary from one insurance provider to another, many PIP benefits include giving you protection against lost wages as well as expenses accompanied with taking care of your children if you’re in an accident and become unable to care for them.        

If you have yet to take a look at your current policy to determine the type of coverage you’ll have in the event that you’re the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you’ll definitely want to speak with an agent at FM Insurance who serves the Oklahoma City area.